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We are a team of teachers and students from the higher school of journalism at Tomsk State University. “The Selkup. Save As...” is a non-profit project, and its main goal is educational: We are keen on teaching students how to make high-quality multimedia. We collected the data for the project in winter of 2018, having travelled to the small village of Parabel and other nearby villages of Tomsk Oblast. The Selkups live there together with oilmen at rotational work. It was 40˚ below zero outside, but we waited until the intercity buses stopped being canceled due to cold weather. We stocked up with warm overalls and thermoses and set off. The project team was looking for their heroes, knocking on their homes, getting acquainted in discos and just on the street. We worked with historians, anthropologists, sociologists, linguists, so that the information in our project was as reliable as possible.

We are always looking for interesting stories, and feedback is very important for us. If you want to cooperate or contact with our project team, please address to our issuing editor Galina Sakharevich at  galina.sakharevich@gmail.com

Project authors

Editor group:

Vasily Vershinin —
design editor,

Alena Kardash —
photo editor,

Galina Sakharevich  —

Ekaterina Sinitsyna —
translation group editor,

Anastasia Shinkaryuk — assistant editor



Natalia Bochkova

Lyubov Borisova

Margarita Volokovykh

Taisia Vorontsova

Alexey Vshivkov

Renata Zaitseva

Alisa Zamyslova

Alena Kardash

Maria Karicheva

Taisia Shchelkanova



Daria Grishanova

Alexey Vshivkov


Daria Grishanova

Sergey Zakharenko



Lyubov Borisova



Maxim Vaganov —
chief designer

Elizabeth Alexandrova —

Yulia Kochergina—



Valeria Bortnik

Valeria Chebitko

Yulia Kochergina

Alena Ovsyannikova

Galina Sakharevich

Taisia Shchelkanova

Anastasia Tkachenko

Ekaterina Vinogradova

Anna Zakharova



Galina Sakharevich

Taisia Shchelkanova


Alexandra Bekkerman

Tatiana Kineva

Yaroslava Kischuk

Natalia Kochergina

Ksenia Kudrina

Hilesha Humphreys

Natalia Meshcherova

Roman Nechaev

Elizabeth Roslyakova

Vitaliy Sdelnikov

Andrey Shinkorenko

Valentina Shklyayeva

Ekaterina Sinitsyna

Veronika Tayukina

Ekaterrina Tikhonova

Anastasia Voloshina

Alina Yanina

Alena Zueva


Music editor:

Andrey Belyak


Duplicated translation in film 'Torova, lyaga' (eng):

Hilesha Humphreys



Vasily Vershinin (design),

Alena Kardash (photo),

Nikolay Konovalov (video),

Andrei Lalenko (video),

Galina Sakharevich (text)

Authors also thank:


For scientific consultation:

  • Natalia Tuchkova, Candidate of Historical Sciences, associate professor of the Department of Archeology and Ethnology of TSPU
  • Natalia Polyakova, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Head of Translation and Theory of translation Department of TSPU
  • Irina Nam, PhD of Historical Sciences, head of the Laboratory of Socio-Anthropological Studies of Faculty of Historical and Political science of TSU


For consultation:

  • Irina Korobeinikova, Chairperson of the Parabel Branch of the Association of Indigenous Peoples of the Russian Federation
  • Pavel Rachkovsky, Head of the Department of Cultural Heritage and Education of the Department of Culture of Tomsk Oblast